Visible Marketing

Visible Marketing on the Internet is essential to businesses these days… because it’s where their customers are looking

Visible Marketing to establish and raise Internet presence for businesses is our forte at iLocal Search. Helping businesses to attract attention the right way, engaging their audience, establishing their brand and marketing their business on Internet with consistency across all the relevant platform is what we do best.

These days having just a static desktop website is no longer adequate for visibly marketing a business. Whilst a company website is still very important, it should no longer be just a static, dated window to the world. With Google and other search engines constantly seeking new information, having a blog on a company website can feed search engines’ craving for fresh information.

Becoming ever more important with each day is the need for a Mobile Website, there is nothing more irritating for people browsing the Internet on a mobile phone to have to endure scrolling up and down, zooming in and out to read the content. It’s so unacceptable and so unnecessary too!

When it comes to Social Media we are the go to people for getting your profile seen on popular platforms. Those we believe are important for many local, small and medium size businesses are Google+, Google Local, Facebook Business Pages, Twitter Accounts, YouTube Channels, LinkedIn. You won’t even realise that you have been dragged Tweeting into the New Media Frontier we promise! If you decide that you’re ready to leap into Social Listening campaigns or Facebook Marketing campaigns we can help with that too.

Businesses need to be visible, marketing needs to be well thought out both online and offline.

We have 3 ways of working – The choice is yours
We do it all for you
We teach you how to do it
We split the load
Whatever works best for you, we’re here to help when you’re ready.

iLocal Search is based in France our clients are generally English speaking business owners based in France. We also speak French here and can provide any of our service in French as well as English. We love Global Diversity and the gift of the Internet.

Tell us your aspirations: what do you want to achieve? We can help you get there.
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