How Does Google’s Ranking and Website Evaluation Process Work?

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The Google Search Engine is an ever evolving beast of a thing! We’ve heard all about the changes in algorithums over the past year or so. To average Joe Citizen it’s all a bit geek speak! Citizen Joe just wants to know for the sake of his own website how Googles ranking and evaluation process works.

Now I’m a firm believer in if you have a burning question address it to the most qualifed person you can think of. So with that in mind RobertVH from Munich as Google Matt Cutts this very question!
Thanks to RobertVH here is Matt Cutts to explain how Googles ranking and evaluation process works.

If you have a website of any description, do yourself a favor or a favour depending which English version you use!  “Watch this!”

10 Replies to “How Does Google’s Ranking and Website Evaluation Process Work?”

  1. Thanks Sadie-Machaela, I’ve seen this video before but I’m not sure that if I were to watch it a dozen times I’d end up feeling totally confident about my understanding of how Google works! Still, with each viewing I think I’m getting closer. Thanks again,

  2. Thanks for the information. It describes a lot about crawling and indexing. But still didn’t explain much about how page ranking is done.
    But still a good short tour to how google search engine works.Must watch.

  3. Hi Sadie! I do have a better understanding of Google from this video and I thank you for sharing it. The terms sometimes confuse me, but I can easily have a conversation about “crawling” “bots” etc. which makes me sound like I know something. he he
    But seriously, the video did help me better understand the nature of Google.
    Thanks for the great info.

  4. I have heard about some of these ideas before, how Google ranks and evaluates websites, but the truth is that every time I get another chance to learn something new about it, i take it. Thank you for putting up this post and the video, I am glad to be able to learn something new about search engines and how they decide who goes where on the listings. 🙂

  5. hello sadie,
    sorry but i couldnt watch this video due to connectivity problem but will definitely watch this later as we need to know what google is doing with their algorithms. so that we can make our own strategies according to that
    thanks for this post

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