Facebook Timeline for Pages is Now Live | How to Guide Here!

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Facebook Timelines for Pages was launched today…

Page Admins can preview and activate their Pages’ Timeline from today. Admins have a few weeks in which to do this before Facebook migrated all Pages over to the new Timeline format on 30th March 2012.

Facebook Timeline for Pages Coming Soon

As of now you can login to your Facebook Pages and take a tour of the new Timeline for Pages before you make it live…

Facebook Timeline for Pages Preview Information

After much chatter in Social spaces for the past couple of weeks Facebook have launched their new Timeline for Pages. The change which is causing the most negative chatter at this moment is the fact that the landing tab can no longer be a tab you have customized. Previously you were able to select which tab your visitors landed on within your Facebook Page and this is no longer the case. This will call for more creativity to incise visitors to customized tabs but Facebook has provided new tools to do this! For me a HUGE positive is the facility to now request a change of Page name. This can be done for example if your business name has changed, or you Page name is misspelled and there is a further choice other! This fantastic addition seems to have been overlooked by many!

Facebook Timeline for Pages Change Page Name function

Rather than me giving you a blow by blow account I’ve added links where you can learn all about about the new functionality in this video The changes to Facebook Pages and in this 8 page printable How to Guide for Timeline for Business Pages [wpstealth-downloader id=1343754130 file=https://ilocalsearch.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Facebook-Timeline-for-Pages-Guide-to.pdf buttonname=’Facebook Business Page Timelines’ color=green]

Facebook Timeline for Pages at a Glance

There is already some conflicting information coming from Facebook themselves as can be seen here. In the screen shot below you will see that it is stated the Cover Photos must be 399 pixels wide. This conflicts with the Guide they have provided which states Cover Photos should be 851 x 350 pixels! I think the 399 pixels will turn out to be an error. Time to test I think, time will tell.

Facebook Timeline for Pages Cover Photos

Beware of the restrictions Facebook has imposed on Cover Images mentioned in the screen shot above taken from Facebook’s Help

  • Calls to action are out
  • Mentioning price or products is also a no no
  • Contact info is not permitted either
  • Instruction visitors to LIKE or SUBSCRIBE are also against Facebook’s terms and conditions.

More chatter later, I hope this helps for now, feel free to post questions in the comments below.

Added 1st March Hubspot Guide to Pages

Added 4th March with thanks to Neil Farley from The Social Networking Academy


Facebook Timeline for Pages Short Tips by Neil Farley 

Added 5th March … The image of 399 pixels mentioned above, which was the source of some early confusion when there was less clarity generally, is the minimum size required for a larger featured to appear on your Timeline these are being referred to as Showcase images, you can have just one of them. Thanks to Andrea Vahl’s post for the Social Media Examiner for that 399 pixel clarity! 🙂

Added June 15th 2012
This super Facebook Pages Infographic gives at a glance clarity too. [wpstealth-downloader id=1344684410 file=https://ilocalsearch.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Facebook-Page-Infographic.pdf buttonname=’Facebook Page Infographic’ color=yellow]

16 Replies to “Facebook Timeline for Pages is Now Live | How to Guide Here!”

  1. Very helpful! Personally I love the new look and format. I’ve been working on my new page and am very happy with my banner image. Just hanging on a little longer while I learn as much as I can about the options and maybe add a few more apps before I push that publish button. Thanks!

  2. The timeline for Facebook pages feature looks great and it so much easier to navigate than before. I already published it on my page. The only thing that people will miss is the apps, but they are still there. You just need to know how to find them. Thanks for the post.

  3. Thanks for the tips on this latest project. I’ve been putting it off and now I see I’ve got till the end of the month or it will be done for me. One thing is for certain… nothing stays the same on the net.

    I will use your tips to get “up to speed!”

    Thanks, Sadie-Michaela!


  4. Hi Sadie

    Thanks for this good info. People like you help as a lot , my partner Steve just
    do it with our fan page and i love the new look love to learn more about the social media changes to stay on top of all the new stuff.


  5. I have to say not having a custom landing page on FB pages anymore is pretty lame.

    But like always marketers will find a way around it.

    BTW thanks for the new timeline tips:)

  6. This is a great tutorial and walkthrough for the new Facebook Timeline format. I just recently switched over and it has not grown on me yet, but as I play around with it more, I am sure I can make it work to my advantage.

  7. I’m personally so glad this change has come about. It gives my Facebook ‘fan’ page a much more professional look. I don’t have the technical knowledge to put a beautiful page together, but the Timeline has done that for me. Thanks for the How To’s.

  8. Hey Sadie,

    Beautiful and helpful post ! 🙂 I am about to change my business page to Timeline and not quite sure if I wanna do it or not. A little concern I will have to change banner again.

    Thanks and will try that ! If I encounter problem, I will leave you a message on fb or skype 🙂


  9. Sadie,

    I have not yet changed my Facebook Personal Page or Fan page to comply with the new timeline, so this is just the perfect post for me. I guess we got till the end of this month to change it.

    Thanks for this informative post!
    — Jupiter Jim

  10. Thanks so much for this comprehesive tutorial of keeping up with Facebook Changes.
    I found it confusing at first, trying to figure it out myself, but this tutorial really helped me out a lot.
    I am grateful to you,

  11. Thank you Sadie-Michaela for a great explanation of the new FB changes. At first I was not so keen on needing a new cover image, but now that I have seen a few out and around on Facebook, they are kind of growing on me.

    I can get a nice good-sized image and that I am really looking forward to. The timeline format, I ma not so sure about, but if that is how it is going to be, that is how it is going to be. it’s not like we are going to stop using Facebook. 🙂

  12. Very helpful, Sadie-Michaela — especially the video and the PDF download of the guide. I’m already using the new timeline on my personal page and three of my business pages (one for a client). I was just reminded that I need to switch over (ironically) my primary business page! Ooops! So far, I’m liking the new Timeline format, and I just learned something here this morning that I didn’t know — about pinning posts so you can keep them at the top for a period of time. Very helpful! Thanks!

  13. Sadie, you mentioned that you can “now request a change of Page name.” I have searched high and low for this and cannot find it anywhere in the page settings. Would you be able to clarify where we can find this option?

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