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Liberty must prevail in the wake of evil Now, by contrast, there is talk of 'Right-wing fanatics', of 'Christian fundamentalists' and of admiration for the European politician most associated with hostility to Islam, Geert Wilders. Who knows what other causes will be involved before the investigations are finished? The fact that within 24 hours the same massacre could be blamed on Muslim fanaticism and on its near-opposite shows us how little use such phrases as 'all the hallmarks of Al Qaeda' actually are. It will be hard to blame the events on inadequate gun control. Norway has relatively strict firearms laws. It certainly cannot be attributed to poverty, in one of the richest nations on Earth. It is always, in these cases, worth asking if the perpetrator has been taking legal or illegal drugs, though there is as yet no suggestion that this is so. Nor is it easy to see what measures could be taken to prevent a repeat. Fertiliser will always be on general sale. Armed guards cannot be stationed at every summer camp, nor can any free society force its citizens to undergo constant personal searches and surveillance. There has been too much of this kind of thing already. Suspect: Anders Behring Breivik As with the most obviously comparable tragedy - the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 - the only explanation may lie in the warped personality of the perpetrator. Timothy McVeigh embraced political views which most people would rightly regard as unhinged and disgusting. But so do many people who would never harm a fellow creature. From McVeigh's trial we learned only that some humans are so convinced of their own rightness that they can kill without restraint. Let us draw conclusions where there are conclusions to draw. There may, in time, be important lessons from this terrible event. But let us guard against irrational panic measures and the loss of the liberties of innocent millions because of the evil of a tiny few. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has taken against the monk parakeet. The Ministry views this recent immigrant as disruptive, and has set out to eradicate it. This is a contentious matter on which Mail on Sunday columnist Liz Jones disagrees strongly with Defra. What is much less contentious is that officialdom has been pursuing this policy with a needlessly heavy hand. When Simon Richardson, who campaigns to save the bird, found a Defra team, clad in combat gear, removing monk parakeet nests from a Hertfordshire garden, he quite reasonably photographed them. As a result, he was visited by the police and threatened with action under the Human Rights Act. This was none of their business. They have many better things to do than intervene in a dispute over the treatment of exotic wildfowl.

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