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Visible Marketing to establish and raise Internet presence for businesses is our forte at iLocal Search. Helping businesses to attract attention the right way, engaging their audience, establishing their brand and marketing their business on Internet with consistency across all the relevant platform is what we do best.

These days having just a static desktop website is no longer adequate for visibly marketing a business. Whilst a company website is still very important, it should no longer be just a static, dated window to the world. With Google and other search engines constantly seeking new information, having a blog on a company website can feed search engines’ craving for fresh information.

Becoming ever more important with each day is the need for a Mobile Website, there is nothing more irritating for people browsing the Internet on a mobile phone to have to endure scrolling up and down, zooming in and out to read the content. It’s so unacceptable and so unnecessary too!

When it comes to Social Media we are the go to people for getting your profile seen on popular platforms. Those we believe are important for many local, small and medium size businesses are Google+, Google Local, Facebook Business Pages, Twitter Accounts, YouTube Channels, LinkedIn. You won’t even realise that you have been dragged Tweeting into the New Media Frontier we promise! If you decide that you’re ready to leap into Social Listening campaigns or Facebook Marketing campaigns we can help with that too.

Businesses need to be visible, marketing needs to be well thought out both online and offline.

We have 3 ways of working – The choice is yours
We do it all for you
We teach you how to do it
We split the load
Whatever works best for you, we’re here to help when you’re ready.

iLocal Search is based in France our clients are generally English speaking business owners based in France. We also speak French here and can provide any of our service in French as well as English. We love Global Diversity and the gift of the Internet.

Tell us your aspirations: what do you want to achieve? We can help you get there.
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20 thoughts on “Visible Marketing

  1. Sadie,
    I love it! I am so excited to be part of the Social Media Revolution! I have the dreaded disease of Multiple Sclerosis and when I used a motorized wheel chair at Disney World I said, “If I have to whether this storm of a disease, I’ll enjoy the rainbows, being first in line of every ride is definitely a rainbow!” This social media is another Rainbow! I look forward to getting to know you Sadie from France!
    Linda from Alaska

    • Thanks for dropping by Linda, the Social Media landscape is ever changing, what fantastically interesting times we live in;- here we are chatting between France and Alaska, splendid! 🙂

  2. Sadie, well organized and to the point…

    I agree we need a site like yours that demonstrates the importance of being branded globally. Also, having a site that all could get the attention they need for their niche. Serving others with passion and ethical activities is shown all through your presentation.

    I look forward to more products and service being offered to the little company just starting out on a smaller budget. Being flexible with all prospective clients is a needed service.

    I thank you for sharing and will be looking to the future for more knowledge in this field.

    • Hello William,

      I love working with small businesses, especially those in start up. On Saturday I presented at a business meet up for English speaking business owners here in France from across the Brittany region. Events like this are a fantastic opportunity to find out what is holding up the business owner in their endeavors to raise
      the profile of their businesses online. There was no competitive rival between businesses that participated and we ran the whole afternoon with questions and live show how demonstrations. We covered topics from how to buy a domain name to making a video infomercials!

      People left the workshop buzzing with chatter it was lovely to see;- the feed back has been super, attendees emailing me telling me of the action they have taken already… some burning the late night candle for the rest of the weekend;- they were just taken by surprise as to what they could actually start to do for free and saw how they could do heaps of it themselves and that gives people a great boost. The group also saw their at home teenage children as assets in tech support!

      Look forward to shared learning with you 🙂

  3. Hi Sadie,

    Quite an impressive video! Although I’ve been involved with social media for awhile now, this video emphasized for me how much power it really has — and how big it is.

    The other day I went to the door of some new neighbors. Their 2-year-old walked over with something in his hands. I didn’t know what it is, being “old-fashioned” and still using a cell phone. He was playing with his daddy’s old iPhone! I hadn’t even recognized what it was. I felt really behind the times!

    Feels that way for me still with the social media world. While I know the basics, I’m not having much success with them. I’d love to have help on marketing — but it seems I have to learn how to market so I can generate income, so I can learn how to market! It’s a slow process.

  4. Bon Soir
    Wow what a fantastic video. Being a “baby boomer” I am amazed at the technology that is being used today for social media. I always thought that sitting in front of my computer was a waste of time and Facebook and Twitter where just something that the “kids” were using to contact their friends. Now I am a believer in this new marketing revolution. You are definitely someone to follow!

  5. Only 14% of people trust advertisements….that one statement is EXACTLY why it is critical to be plugged in to the Social Media Revolution as a business owner! Engaging your prospects, customers and clients through SM allows you to bring a level of authenticity and realness to our marketing and communication to the degree that a mom and pop shop in a small town can only do. But now the world is our playground! So exciting, thanks for sharing and doing the work that you’re doing to help small businesses establish and expand their online and offline presence. Great stuff, Sadie! 🙂

  6. Hi Sadie,

    yes Social Media is the marketing tool for the 21 Century.

    Gone are the days of ink pots, and advertising in Newspapers.

    The video makes that very clear with those amazing figures.
    123 years to read what is on Wikipedia, wow!

    Great Post, thank you for sharing.

    To your success.
    Yorinda ( from New Zealand)

  7. Thanks for the wonderful update on the increasing importance of Social Media. It is growing exponentially, and we better use it now if we want to succeed – online or offline. I agree with William that more services and information are needed for the small entrepreneur just starting out. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Sadie,

    It is great that small business can avail of your services to give them an professional on line presence. When one is running a small business it is not easy to keep up to date with every thing and that is where your skills are be invaluable. I really appreciated your knowledge and expertise when I met you in London. All the best Rosemary

  9. Hi Sadie,

    This is a very impressive presentation. I have been on Social Media for a while and made some good contacts.

    I am wondering how you can use it to build business contacts when you don’t make thousands from each sale? You certainly offer what peop[le want in this area.

    • Hello John,

      Thanks for posting;- I almost think it is increasingly becoming the expected norm that businesses, even small concerns, as you have mentioned have a presence on Social Networking sites. Building business contacts is all about engaging, join in with conversations on other Pages, joining some groups reaching out to people who might be able to help you. Keep your Page interesting and when posting on other pages post as your Page and sign off as John. That will be a great start if yo can help out people that you meet in the groups and on other Page, ie if you can answer questions they’ve posted that would be a smashing start too. Let me know how you get on 🙂

  10. Sadie,

    I had to revisit this site. I just arrived back from another Webinar on Social Media Groups out sourcing. I thought of your site to send people to. This is amazing and updated information on our true population. If you go to U.S Census Site. You can run some amazing number that will support your research skills. Thus, dedication to create the right environment for clients.

    I believe your passionate about this work. I know that your a great visionary in our industry. If there is anything I can support your business growth with. Just drop me a line. I have viewed twice your information. I have completed due-diligence and anyone who is honored to be accepted as your client. Will have great end results. Success as they determined.

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward in watching the growth of your company and more exciting information that can help your readers and I gain more knowledge in this industry.

  11. Sadie,

    What stood out for me in your post is that you help people get attention the right way. If we are just marketing and marketing, we are not giving value to our potential customers, we are just selling. We may get attention one time, but they will not be compelled to come back.


  12. Yes, what an impact social media is making!! As for Gen X and Gen Y they are far beyond where my generation is! The numbers on the video are impressive and it is amazing how our world is keeping on with social media. I dont’ think that we need to worry about it falling off, it just isn’t in the stars…. more is coming.. Our world is really much smaller than we think!

  13. Sadie that is a wonderful video illustrating how important it is to market our businesses on the social networks.

    I suppose that the message is to ‘be everywhere’. Marketing on as many appropriate places using social media to ensure that the broadest possible distribution is achieved. I did not realize that Facebook is the #1 platform preferences.

    • Rachel have you read the book Socialnomics By Erik Qualman?
      It’s an interesting read the video was made to promote the book 🙂
      Businesses can’t afford not take Social Media seriously these days

  14. Hi Sadie,

    You are right. The time ahs finally come when most people look first on line, and then at newspapers and yellow pages when looking for products and services. Those who are not visible will be left in the dust.

    Only this year, in Australia, has there been a realization by big business that all the little guys on line are eating into their profits. Unfortunately they are now dominating market segments and trying to squeeze us out. Get on line or get lost is the message for the future!

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